"It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it, the value of a man resides in what he gives not in what he is capable of receiving."  -Albert Einstein

“Waqfeyet El-Maadi Community Foundation” WMCF is a pioneering model of the first institution in Egypt that aims to improve the standard of living for people in El Maadi and South Cairo areas. The foundation is committed and fully dedicated to giving back to the community through its different programs which mainly help create a source of living for the different people through reviving the idea of community endowment. WMCF encourages volunteers to invest in philanthropy and drive sustainable development. WMCF encourages the people it supports to not only rely on themselves to sustain a decent living through creating their own projects or learning a new craft but to also train others in their community to work with them to pass on their craftsmanship which in turn would lead to community and economic development.

 On May 13, 2007, Waqfeya el Maadi Community Foundation (WMCF) was born, a unique community-led philanthropic change-agent that catalyzes change through community investments and Waqf to improve the standard of living for all community members. The foundation channels donations, zakat, sadaqat, tithes, and other forms of traditional giving to support community and social entrepreneurial projects and small Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to empower communities & lessening the gaps between its members.

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Waqf, an Arabic word that means to stop, hold or preserve. The act indicates holding or endowing one's wealth (cash or property) and forbidding the consumption of the property itself; only the profit of investing this endowed cash or property is allowed to be spent according to the conditions of the endower (waqif) in causes of social benefit. 

In 1908 Princess Fatma, daughter of Khedive Ismail contributed a huge piece of land to build Cairo University and sustain it through a property waqf! 

Ahmed Al Aini Pasha and El Haj El Dimerdash created their waqf to establish and sustain Kasr al Aini and Dimerdash Hospitals that provide free treatment and hope to thousands of patients until now. Every student who gets an education and every patient benefiting from these institutions bring good deeds to these great people. 

Creative Society that provides equal opportunities for sustainable development

To empower the community to achieve the desired change through reviving (modernizing) WAQF as an authentic model of sustainability


Dr. Marwa El Daly


She is the founder and chairman of the Board of Trustees of Waqfeyat Al-Maadi Community Foundation, the first civil institution in Egypt to revive and modernize the mechanisms of applying the traditional endowment model that has been the backbone of civil society in Egypt and the Middle East for centuries.
Dr. Marwa is also an assistant professor at the American University in Cairo (AUC). she teaches management of non-governmental organizations and social projects at the Faculty of International Affairs and Public Policies.
Dr. Marwa El Daly is a member of the Board of Directors of the General Federation of Non-governmental organizations in Egypt.

Dr. Marwa El Daly has won the outstanding Social Award at the African continent level in 2014 awarded to her by the Network of African Grants Manufacturers in South Africa for her work in developing social welfare strategies across Africa and worldwide.
She was recognized twice as a social leader by the Arab world's Ashoka And the Senargos Institute (2006 and 2010) to become a permanent colleague of both international organizations.
Moreover, Dr. Marwa El Daly is the first recipient of the Rockefeller Award and the International Association for the Third sector as the best researcher in the field of strategic social giving and the civil sector. This award was presented to her at the University of Barcelona in 2013.


Dr. Fatima Abdel Hamid Abu Nawwarj

Member of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Fatma is the one who founded the Khan ElFenoun at Waqfeyat AlMaadi to be the first program to paint a new window into the community.

Dr. Fatma is a full-time professor at Zamalek Technical Education College and the former Vice Dean of the faculty of Community Service, who is also the Vice-President of Halwan University and a former member of the National Council for Women.


Dr. Omar Zakariya Youssef

Secretary-General of the Board of Trustees

He is the President of the International Association of Oncology and of medical scientists who have a long and influential role in serving society, scientific development, and research, and is also a pioneer in introducing modern treatments in Egypt. Dr. Amrani has 25 years of experience in breast cancer in Egypt and some European countries. He is a university doctor at the Oncology Institute – Cairo University

He received a diploma in the Department of Health Care from the Gustav Institute of Russia and a Ph.D. in surgical oncology.

Dr. Omar has a master's degree in general surgery from Cairo University and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.


A. Hamid Ali

Member of the Board of Trustees

He has 28 years of experience in social and economic development in Egypt and the Middle East.

He is an expert in enterprise management and development activities ranging from SME financing to technical and advisory services for governmental, non-governmental and small business enterprises; He is the Secretary of the Fund of the Institute for Youth and Development Consultancy, "Itega Foundation", and a member of the Board of Directors of Waqfeyat Al-Maadi Community Foundation.


Currently, Hamid is the head of the Financial and Non-Financial Services Development component of the USAID project "promoting entrepreneurship and enterprise development", which aims to enable the environment for SME development in Egypt


A. Ihab Al Husseini

Treasurer of board of trustee

Member of the Board of Trustees of Waqfeyat Al-Maadi and its Treasurer, 54 years old, serving as Deputy General Manager of WAFA World Trade Bank. He started with the anti-volunteering Waqf Foundation in distributing the Ramadan Bags for several years and was nominated as Secretary of the Ihab Fund with many hobbies such as safari, hiking and desert rallying races, and also organizes good convoys to make distributions to Bedouins in remote desert areas.


M. Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed

Member of the Board of Trustees

Engineer Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed is Chairman and Board Member of many leading companies in the field of construction and industry.
President of the Technical Education Society and Fort of the Training Forum, which has appointed and trained over 40,000.

M. Mahmoud moved from the site and the Planning Engineer to serve as Deputy Chairman of the Board Arab contractors from 1998 to 2002, head of Arab contractors and African countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, Kuwait, Ghana and Rwanda.
Engineer Mahmoud was also the head of the leading construction company. ABB from 1997 to 2003

He has participated in the establishment of the project management project, which is currently serving as a consultant in the new Giza. In 2007,
From 2003 until now, he is Chairman and CEO of Germany The Industries and Trade Company, which works closely with the German Chamber of Commerce in networking between German and Egyptian companies.

He is currently the head of Clean Energy in the future, a company that is part of the global and photovoltaic environmental movement that specializes in the development and installation of photovoltaic power plants. Mahmoud graduated from Cairo University, where he received a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering and a diploma in soil mechanics.

He is also a member of the American Chamber Business Association and a Board of Trustees of the College of Engineering
Mr. Mahmoud is the Chairman of the EGC Contracting Company and President of Bavaria To manage facilities. He is also a member of the Council of Cimento "Ready Mex", an Egyptian company specialized in ready-made concrete.


Tarek Michel

Member of the Board of Trustees

He is a former partner of the Wady Degla Development Group and works on consultations and capacity-building of institutions and individuals on the national level


Nehed Youssef

Program Maneger

She has 20 years of experience in the development field with international bodies, including care International, Educational Development Center and UNICEF.
Over these years, we have worked to manage many development projects, develop and implement training programs, develop evaluation and follow-up plans to measure the impact of the project and ensure its sustainability.

After attending a training program at the Coady International Institute in Canada on the role of women and their impact on changing and improving communities, she went back to work for the community development and joined Waqfeyat Al Maadi.

She got her master's degree in business administration from Cairo University and an executive Management Diploma from the American University in Cairo.

Yomna Ali

Human Resources and Business Development Maneger

Yomna Ali Head of Human Resources and Business Development at WMCF. she has over 20 years’ experience in Corporate Human Resources in both local and multination industries in various fields such as fast-moving consumer goods, industrial sector, agriculture, IT, and shipping. Furthermore, she has worked in development projects for a couple of years during the start of her career.

Yomna has developed full Organization Restructure to match the business size and operations and developed Culture Transformation. She has expertise in implementing HR Due Diligences and mergers and acquisitions projects, strategic and organizational development, talent acquisition, total rewards, succession planning, and training and development.

As for the development career, she has worked in Sadat City Investors’ Association focusing on business development, capacity building, fundraising, and community services. Previously, she has worked in a project related to the establishment of a Bank in the middle east which was related to the peace process in the middle east.

Yomna is certified in the Personality and Preference (PAPI), a psychometric assessment tool by the British Psychological Society in Dubai. She holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science – Political Development from the American University in Cairo. She graduated from Temple University Japan in Political Science and has a Mass Media Certificate from Temple University Japan.


Manar Ahmad Kamel

Program Senior Specialist

She took responsibility for the implementation of the idea project and served as coordinator of the "New seeds of New ideas" project funded by the British Council - the Comprehensive Creative Economics Development Program.

She has worked for more than three years in the management of technical development programs for students Egyptian universities through the technical workshops project implemented by Alwan Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the project “the Workshop” in collaboration with the Italian Cooperation Organization.

She also served as the first director of the FIANCee (a documentary film of Egyptian-Swiss co-production). For two years she has served as a monteer for many independent short films.

She has received numerous training and workshops in media campaigns, advertising and press writing, the most important of which is training to organize media campaigns organized by IMS and training of press writing for Reuter's local organizations.

Her study of the film industry has contributed significantly to her research work, as she has worked for nearly seven years as an economic rights researcher and has produced numerous illustrated reports, both for use in media campaigns and documentation.

Manar studied animation for a year at the Cairo Gezuit animation school.
You graduated From the Faculty of Arts, French Language Department, Cairo University


Mazen Amr

Program specialist

Mazen worked with the youth participation program to carry out media activities, designed and updated the website and manage social media pages, and he also carried out a part of the field missions with new seeds new ideas financed by the British Council - the Economic Development Program Comprehensive creative.

He worked as a designer and content writer for the promotional campaigns at Intermark and acted as an administrator for the content of social media pages in some NGOs.

He is studying social development at Ain Shams University School of Literature, with technical expertise in the field of website creation, print design and the preparation of visual and written content.

He has received more than one training in the preparation and writing of advertising content and the preparation and making of films.