Livelihood Program

 Specialized worker and green labor

 Project Objectives: To qualify a generation of young men and women as skilled workers professionally and behaviorally and enable them to get out of the circle of unemployment and prepare them to be a tool to advance the Egyptian craft and service industry.

Number of beneficiaries: 366

Project Duration: 18 months

Project sponsor: Sawiris Development Foundation

Mehnety Zareety

The project aims to train and qualify 120 beneficiaries to create job opportunities 100 beneficiaries, including young men and women residing in Manshiyet Nasser by the employment of 80% and help them to self-employment and the establishment of small craft projects that suit their professional skills. Helping them to increase income and finding permanent jobs for them.

Number of beneficiaries: 120

Project Period: 12 months

Funded by : Social Fund for Development