Khan El Fenoun
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(Art Hub Program)

“God is Beautiful & He loves Beauty”

Khan el Fenoun started through a generous contribution from Prof. Dr. Fatma Abu Nawareg (Professor of Art Appreciation in Helwan University) to spread the knowledge and techniques of art to beautify our surroundings. Khan el Fenoun includes, “Theatre Khan”,” Storytelling Khan”, “Kottob Khan” and “Music Khan”. Art is a beautiful means to bridge gaps and bring people of different social and economic backgrounds together.


Salon El-Waqfeya (Open Space for Artists & Entrepreneurs)

Salon el Waqfeya is an open space for people to gather, draw, read, speak and network in a nice environment. Artists exhibit their paintings, writers sign their books, and social entrepreneurs use the space to present and apply their projects –the profit goes to support Waqfeya projects in the surrounding disadvantaged communities.


Arts & Cultural Festivals

WMCF collaborates with community members, clubs, youth centers and schools in organizing community events and street festivals to discover talents, bridge gaps and build networks between people, social and business entrepreneurs, artists,...etc. 

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