Livelihood Program (Bab Rizq)

" Enabling People to Work and be finically Independent"

Bab rizk targets job-creation as the principle for self-sufficiency, independence, and dignity. It consists of the following projects: 

Employment and Vocational Training

We provide young people with vocational, on-the-job, and soft skills training to enable them to start their own enterprises or get an employment opportunity.  We believe in partnerships and we work with entities like Sawiris Foundation, the Social Fund for Development/the World Bank, and other topnotch technical academies like Don Bosco, the Arab Constructors, and others. Our goal is to keep forming professional young people to fill the rising demand for good qualified and respectful technicians. Local Philanthropists are major contributors investing in our “Tool Bags” initiative that provides mobile workshops for trained workers.

WMCF conducts needs assessments and prioritizes the most disadvantaged families and female entrepreneurs who receive a seed fund to start or expand small businesses to refrain them from asking for charity. 

Safety-nets for Bab Rizq Loans Recipients

In shanty areas where living conditions are extremely harsh – some of our loan recipients meet emergency situations. Our safety net measures ensure that Bab Rizq families receive the necessary support.